Rainbow Bridge

Babs "Babber" Wells

Sep 21, 2022

The best description of a little dog living large and living life her way and by her rules:


                                                           I'M ALL THAT


You will be greatly missed. In loving memory.


Lance Tuna Magoo Charles P. Cat Hall

Sep 16, 2022

Lance was always a happy little kitty. He was born a runt in 2010, so he was a small cat. He had a wonderful personality and always had a smile on his face. He was very attentive and enjoyed being around people. He was a friendly little guy. We loved him very much! He followed me around the house and would...

Spot "Mr. Spoot"

Aug 8, 2022

You will be greatly missed Mr. Spoot. You kept the other kids in line and made them mind. I will miss your baritone voice and our "conversations". Cancer had to get you in the end, I wish you could have left under more comfortable conditions. You were such a good boy and deserved a more peaceful ending. Rest in heaven...

Cotton "Cottonball" Taylor

Jul 25, 2022

Cotton loved boxes. He thought he was human. He was loved by so many. He had 2 brothers, Joaquin and Lorenzo and 2 sisters, Jazz and Nana. He loved to lay on his father's (Bobby) feet and on his shoes when he wasn't there. His eyes always lit up when he saw his mother, Mimi. He had several nicknames: Cottonball,...

Meeko "Meeko Man" Tanner-Knotts

Jun 14, 2022

  Meeko was always such a happy and crazy little guy. He was always trying to play with the kitties, playing and cuddling with his humans (Amy, Tj, Hayden and Corbin) that he loved, and that truly loved him. He enjoyed car rides and going for walks out side.   He was was always full of love and energy. We...

Turbo Mayfield

May 15, 2022

I trust dogs more than people. Dogs will never switch lanes and they will always have your back. You were so loved. Wish we would have had more time with you. Gone too soon. We will miss you Turbo

Love Mom and Dad

Lenny Burkey

Apr 29, 2022


Lenny Burkey    You came into our lives at just the right time. Your "Lenny kisses" were so sweet! I've never has a ferret do that before. I am so glad, that Zach called me to come see you. As soon as I saw you, you were mine! You were so spoiled "OUR SWEET BOY" We couldn't resist and...

Timothy "Timmy" Dalton

Apr 12, 2022

My special little boy. You were a little "touched", but you had the biggest heart. You came with the house we bought. You just showed up like you lived here. Thought you were the previous owner's kitty, nope, now you were ours. Best house warming gift ever! I'm gonna miss you hollerin' at me every morning to hurry up and...

Penny Townsend

Apr 5, 2022

You will be greatly missed

  Love Mom and Dad

Sean Alan Bond-Brickey

Apr 5, 2022

I was there when you came into this world and was there when you left. One joyous, one very painful. You were a special boy. Thanks to your grandpa, you and your siblings were dubbed "chickens", you did not know you were a cat, and that was okay. I am going to miss you singing the song of your "people"...

Sarge Fisher

Apr 2, 2022

Sarge was a wonderful dog. He was our family, our best friend and was always happy to see us. We are thankful he lived 14 years. We love and miss him very much.


Your family

Cheeto "Cheeto Man" Brickey

Mar 30, 2022

My Cheeto Man, you were an unplanned addition to our family. you showed up when we were moving, so of course we took you with us. You were a special little guy, with your big eyes. You never begged, you would just stare with those big eyes until we made the right decision to share whatever we had with you....

Sassafrass "Sassy" Bond

Mar 25, 2022

You did not have a good start in life, found you as a stray that had been hit by a car. You were lucky to be alive. We got you back to health and in return got the sweetest kitty anyone could ask for. You were a double mitten paw. My little girl with the thumbs. You were also a...

Hercules Staten-Russell

Dec 29, 2021


I will never forget the day we brought you home you was the littlest boy bought you at a motorcycle swap meet in Springfield and you rode in my vest pocket on the motorcycle. Surprised the girls with you and it was love at first sight. You was the sweetest little boy you left an imprint on everyone who...

Lexie Anderson

Dec 26, 2021

My Lexie passed over the rainbow bridge peacefully at home with her family early morning of December 26. Lexie you were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye. You will be missed by all of us. I hope you are playing with lots of balls and getting all the scratches and belly rubs you want. You will never be forgotten. Until...

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